The Implementation of ERP and MES Systems as a Support to Industrial Management Systems

Dalibor Berić, Darko Stefanović, Bojan Lalić, Ilija Ćosić

The improvement of the processes within the production system is the need of each company in order to enable better monitoring and control, as well as to provide all real-time information that are important for the decision-making process, in order to improve all processes and simultaneously control all elements of the process. Some of the systems that provide process monitoring are Enterprise Resources Planning-ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems, but they are often not sufficiently integrated. The aim of this paper is to explore the needs of users of ERP and MES systems as well as the processes of implementation and integration of the new MES system into an already existing ERP system in a single automotive industry, with all the benefits for the users of the system that a company can achieve by implementing a well-implemented software solution.


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