A Conceptual Solution of Low-Cost Temperature Data Logger With Relatively High Accuracy

Milovan Medojevic-Medo, Milana Medojevic, Nikola Radakovic, Milovan Lazarevic, Nemanja Sremcev

In this paper, an effort has been made to design and develop low-cost temperature data logger with relatively high accuracy. Initially, the conceptual solution of data logger consists of several elements where the main components are Arduino Uno R3 with ATmega328 microcontroller, 1-wire digital temperature sensor DS18B20 and pull-up resistors, connected with jumper wires through Breadboard according to the program algorithm. In addition, relevant component specifications are concisely provided upon which schematic connection diagram was generated. Lastly, the aim of this study was to build a platform for sensor with data logging ability in order to achieve excellent performance at substantially lower costs then currently available ones on the market