SMED Methodology Implementation in an Automotive Industry Using a Case Study Method

Tiago Bidarra, Radu Godina, João C.O. Matias, Susana G. Azevedo

Nowadays is ever more important to reduce superfluous costs at industrial units. Only through such an approach the margin of profit could be increased. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the contribution of the Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) methodology to reduce setup times in the stamping process of metal components in the automotive industry. A qualitative approach based on a case study is used to demonstrate this contribution. In this case study the application of the SMED methodology provides considerable gains in terms of setup time reduction (45%) through a better reorganization of the work and arrangements. According to the case study the application of the SMED methodology should be accompanied by a reorganization of work, training and the implementation of a systematic and effective method of performing of the various operations that are executed at the enterprise.