Assessment of Key LEAN Dimensions Implementation in Organisations from Developing Region

Milan Delić, Ivan Beker, Nela Cvetković, Nenad Medić, Slobodan Morača

This paper shows research results about the assessment of the implementation of key LEAN dimensions in the organisations of AP Vojvodina (Serbia). The study is supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development of AP Vojvodina. The sample is composed of 217 organisations, from various industry sectors. For the research purposes the questionnaire is used as a research instrument. The questionnaire development process is carried out in accordance with literature recommendations, theoretical backgrounds and previous research findings in the field. The study results have shown that organisations from the research population do not implement, neither do they recognise higher LEAN concepts. Thus, it could be said that there is a lack of awareness about mentioned research concepts among organisations from the research population. Given the EU enterprises possess far superior level of technological development, extensive innovative potential and higher knowledge about the advanced organisational-management concepts, it can be said that organisations from the research population are not competitive and ready for competition with EU economy.