3D Technology in Production of Sealed Containers for Chemical Industry Devices

Nicolay P. Miducov, Maria A. Fadeeva, Alexey A. Tikhonov, Pavel V. Kaurov, Victor S. Kurov, Pavel A. Gashin
Chemical industry today needs new high-tech and cheap sealed containers for devices. The material on the usage of 3D technology in production of device's drum is presented in this article. Samples of device's containers for chemical industry were fabricated by means of 3D printer with different parameters of the 3D printing (thickness of the drum and layer's height). The leak tightness of device's containers was tested under the air pressure. The optimum regimes for 3D printing of sealed containers for devices correspond to minimum possible thickness of sealed containers. The obtained results can be used in low cost production of chemical devices with complex body shape.

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