Crowdfunding for Research: A Case Study in Research Management Centre in Malaysia

Keng Liang Lau, Boon Cheong Chew
This paper discusses about the implementation of academic crowdfunding in the Research Management Centre in Malaysia. In order to investigate the effectiveness of academic crowdfunding practice, the research focuses on two important issues namely as; (1) The hurdles that may challenges the crowdfunding initiative, and (2) An overview of the crowdfunding model which can be the strategy to supports the academic research funding. In this study, the researcher will conduct the case study in qualitative research method, which included the semi-structured interview to investigate the related and importance for implementation of academic crowdfunding in Research Management Centre in Malaysia. On the other hand, this paper also will propose the innovative suggestions and the best practices to enhance the effectiveness of the academic crowdfunding initiative. As a conclusion, crowdfunding might become the attractive paradigm to raise the fund for the academic research in Malaysia.

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