Entrepreneur’s values and knowledge: How can influence new technology-ventures’ growth? (pp. 33-38)

Alejandro Campos, Esther Hormiga
This study provides a theoretical reflection about how entrepreneur’s values and knowledge can influence growth expectations in new technology-ventures. This research offers a discussion about the fact that entrepreneur’s knowledge is not the only individual factor that helps to differentiate the level of growth expectations in this specific sector. The argument is that there are certain specific values present in those new ventures with a higher growth expectations, mainly independence and wealth. However, there are other values that are not so related to growth like exploitation or security, but they are typically present in technical entrepreneurs. Finally, a model is presented to understand the relationship between entrepreneur’s values and knowledge and their impact on new technology venture growth. As a result of this reflection, the paper states on one hand nine propositions explaining the influence of technological entrepreneurs’ knowledge and values on growth expectations for their firms, on the other hand the paper provides a model of this influence.