Organizaiton Performance Measurement and Quality Information System in Serbia - Quality Managers' Estimates (pp. 13-20)

Vladan Radlovački, Ivan Beker, Bato Kamberović, Mladen Pečujlija, Milan Delić
This study represents a research carried out on a sample of organizations from Serbia with a certified quality management system (QMS). We made an attempt to explore impacts of information system (IS) quality on measuring management system performance in an organization. The study is based on subjective estimates of quality managers. According to experiences from developed countries, the quality of the information system has, in all its dimensions, very strong influence on measuring system performance (as well as on the performance itself). In Serbia, we found only one among the observed dimensions of IS quality to have a weak impact on measuring organization performance. We also found no significant variations of the dependent variable by observed objective organization parameters (number of employees, type of ownership and maturity of the system in an organization). Results were discussed and it is believed that submitted information could be useful both for professionals and for the researchers in a struggle for gaining better organization performance, since we did not find similar research carried out in Serbia so far.