Digital Innovation in Fashion - How to 'Capture' the User Experience in 3D Body Scanning (pp. 233-240)

Fanke Peng, David Sweeney, Philip Delamore
Current research on 3D body scanning isprimarily concerned with technology development. Personalisation is seen as paramount, while development is influenced more by technology, than design. This research was designed to investigate the 3D body scanning service (BSS) of the current fashion market and to build a framework predicting those factors influencing consumer adoption of 3D body scanner applications for a particular personalisation system. The framework considers acceptance factors, plus user journey factors and their combined effect. Thus, an extensive user experience study was conducted, which was empirically tested through semi-structured focus group interviews and self-reported metrics, to validate results and obtain further insight.This research project offers a major opportunity for innovation in the fashion industry, enhancing understanding of adoption factors and also providing a starting point for further research into branded BSS apps or services, such as m-commerce through branded apps.