Bionic Assembly System: working modes, control and scheduling (pp. 121-131)

Branko Katalinic, Valentin E. Pryanichnikov, Kanji Ueda, Paulina Cesarec, Ilya Kukushkin, Roman Kettler
Innovations in the field of assembling systems are going in many directions. One of them is a creation of a new generation of automated assembly systems, based on natural phenomena. Bionic Assembly System (BAS) is a new concept of advanced assembling system, which combines two basic control structures and principles: centralized control system, based on the hierarchy and self-organizing control system, based on the heterarchy. This paper describes hybrid control structure, working scenarios, scheduling, reconfigurations and logic of working cycles during the assembly of one unlimited sequence of assembly orders. These systems have some additional possibilities for minimization of assembling time using system and layout reconfiguration. Different possibilities of the reconfiguration of BAS are shown in this paper.

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