Shortest-path algorithms as a tools for inner transportation optimization (pp. 39-45)

Ivan Beker, Vesna Jevtic, Dalibor Dobrilovic
This paper deals with business processes and productivity improvement in order to reduce costs of any kind, especially by eliminating of the wastes. Therefore, automation of logistic processes is very important, and in this case is the source of reducing one of the biggest wastes of all: inner transportation. There are several models of routes selecting in practice and, the main focus of this paper is to investigate the implementation of one of them - the shortest path algorithms for forklifts routing optimization. By calculating the optimal route for forklifts, transportation routes are shortened and work in the warehouses is reduced. These algorithms can be applied for the other types of vehicles and for the other type of storage facilities as well. Preview of the optimization methods is used for identification of the most suitable method.

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