A Simulation Game Framework for Teaching LEAN Production (pp. 81-86)

Ivo Da Silva, Ana Raquel Xambre, Rui Borges Lopes
This paper introduces a new physical simulation game framework, which can be used in a classroom environment (for both students and professionals) to help demonstrate the applicability as well as the potential advantages of lean production. The game provides a hands-on experience, focusing on experimental learning, and thus enabling students/trainees to get a deeper understanding of the lean principles. The use of simulation games is not, however, restricted to teaching, as it can also be used to test real-life implementations of production systems. By using the proposed game framework, professionals may have a cheap alternative to expensive simulation software. The game starts out by creating an unbalanced system. Throughout the iterations of the game, lean principles are introduced and implemented in the system, thus allowing students/trainees to understand how lean production can be implemented in organizations. The game elements, design of the initial system, as well as subsequent iterations, are presented and briefly discussed.