Lean Information Management in Industrial Context: an Experience Based on a Practical Case (pp. 107-114)

Sofia Soares, Leonor Teixeira
The interest in the application of the Lean methodology to the administrative processes has been abruptly catching the attention of multiple managers. The need to reduce (direct or indirect) costs through the processes’ improvement, not only productively but also administratively, is gaining even more weight for organizations. Thus, there are many companies which are starting to reflect on their processes and on a way of becoming more competitive and more efficient. Through the improvement of the management information mechanisms, it is possible to make processes more efficient so that they can release resources for other activities. This is the context in which this project emerges, which aims to improve a Logistics process (customer service), using a simple, objective and functional solution with an immediate response to the elimination of waste in a decision making process. Behind this implementation, there is a whole study based on Lean methodologies that help to understand the project, to identify the improvements and to structure its conception.