Role of Drought Early Warning and Social Planning in Industrial Growth (pp. 45-51)

Anna Frank, Richard Frank, Ljiljana Popovic
This paper presents challenges on industrial growth planning. A component of population change is dynamic in time and space, and has more dynamic components such as psychological, human preparedness, education level, and the most important one, which is the percentage of the population that is most vulnerable. Population change can influence growth due to the lack of trained and educated personnel, a rise of pressure on industrial sectors and variation in wages. The reason for this lies in the dependence relationship between the percentage of the working population and the other aspects of society such as the percentage of most vulnerable within the population and issues like population change. Industrial growth planning also depends on environmental issues and available resources. Climate change and climate extremes influence the availability of resources, especially water in case of drought. In all times the most important resource of all is water which has to be spread between different sectors and users wisely. Industrial development relies on good planning and proper management of all resources, natural and human.