Influence of Solid Particles as a Contaminants on Degradation Processes in Hydraulic Components or Systems (pp. 15-20)

Velibor Karanovic, Mitar Jocanovic, Milan Delic
Authors of numerous papers in the field of testing and maintenance of hydraulic equipment, show that solid particles have the most destructive influence than other contaminants. Their biggest influence are on wearing processes of components with smallest gaps (1-10 um) such as pumps with or without flow regulation, proportional and servo-valves. Except wearing processes, depending on size and concentration, solid particles can cause flow blockage trough small size flow passages (orifices, flow regulators) but also physical and chemical degradation processes of hydraulic oil. This paper presents some of degradation processes which are direct consequence of inapropriate solid particle presence, and results of tests conducted under different working conditions to evaluate influence of particles on a degradation of contacting valve surfaces.

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