A conceptual Framework for Supply Chain Performance in Desalination Industry (pp. 95-101)

Hasan Balfaqih, Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah, Nizaroyani Saibani
Academic and corporate interest in sustainable supply chain management has risen considerably in recent years. In this article, a conceptual framework is proposed for measuring supply chain (SC) performance in water desalination industry. The research methodology is based on literature analysis concerning performance measurement and metrics to be applied for companies belonging to the water desalination industry. Since the study focuses on a specific industry, this could be considered as a limitation of the work as the results presented are not suitable to be generalized or extended to other contexts, although some extrapolations can be made. The paper provides the first conceptual performance measurement framework specific for the water desalination supply chain. The proposed framework could serve as a reference for the desalination industry to establish applicable performance appraisal indicators. It is believed that both researchers and practitioners would benefit from the framework developed.

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