Quality Improvement With Statistical Process Control in the Automotive Industry (pp. 1-8)

Radu Godina, Joao Matias, Susana Azevedo

In this context of a worldwide market opening, the economy defies firms with numerous challenges, is no longer enough to produce, the current principles are based on quality as a condition for achieving productivity and competitiveness. And given that the quality is not static, it is constantly being changed, and because customers are increasingly demanding, any business organization that aims to be competitive it has to innovate. In the competitive environment in which we live organizations increasingly seek to produce quality at the lowest possible cost, to ensure their own survival. One response to this claim is the Statistical Process Control (SPC) - a powerful management method which enables quality improvement and waste elimination. This paper suggests the improvement of the quality of a process through the use of SPC in an enterprise of the automotive industry makes a brief review of concepts related with the methodology and aims to demonstrate all the advantages associated with its use as a method for improving quality and reducing waste. To accomplish this, after being completed the sample collection, the interpretations of control charts and its analysis, it was made a study of the existing methodology of implementation of SPC in the same process, and it was sought a way to adapt it to the reality of the company.

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